About Moi

I never really picked filmmaking. It picked me at the unassuming age of 3... or 4. Forgive me, I can't remember! But I do remember being taken to film sets at that age, and to studios (back in Moscow). I also remember peeking over my mother's shoulder while she was designing costumes and I remember wanting to be an actress, a dragon, a fairy and a robot. But my wild imagination settled on writing elaborate stories that I still sometimes find on my mother's book shelf. 

After graduating with a Writing and English degree from York University I began directing commercials under Circle Productions and am currently with Corner Store Films in Toronto, First Wave Entertainment in New York. I also teach at two films schools and am surprised at how much I love passing on the know how. I once read a quote that said doing what you love is the key to a happy life and I must have taken it to heart. 


My Latest Projects

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